children collecting litter
No Litter Day Congo Brazzaville

Children in Congo Brazzaville celebrate their No Litter Day, collect litter and share information in their community.

In Congo Brazzaville pupils first learned about the environment, effects of littering and climate change. Then they took to the streets and fields, to pick litter and inform the community about everybody’s responsibility to protect the environment and fight climate change.

Classroom in COngo

Kids are ready to read about littering and climate change!

Two boys standing in front of the Ujio wa Heri institute, with other children in the background
Outside the Ujio wa Heri institute in Bunia.
Man in a white shirt speaking in a megaphone
Many children gathered outside a school
Children getting photographed outside, wearing backpacks and blue plastic gloves
Children carrying empty plastic bags, walking towards the camera
In Mbau, Beni
Children in white shirts collecting litter
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