Guylande hugs girl
How does Guylande work?

Guylande and Zanmi Timoun reach and support children in many different ways.

Guylande and Zanmi Timoun:

• Identify children who are restavèk, domestic slaves, in prison, living on the street or who are vulnerable in some other way. They help get children out of prison.
• Find out what the children’s needs are and help them get a birth certificate if they haven’t got one.
• Get the children to start at Zanmi Timoun’s schools, or schools in their home towns if they can be reunited with their families. At Zanmi Timoun’s schools, they can do two grades in one year, as they start so late.
• Offer small loans to the children’s families so they can start small businesses, farming or something else to earn an income and do not need to send their children away to be domestic slaves.
• Influence politicians to make laws and work to ensure that children’s rights are respected.


Långgatan 13, 647 30, Mariefred, Sweden
Phone: +46-159-129 00 •

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