Children in Pakistan weighing litter
Climate Action & No Litter Generation

Children who take part in the No Litter Generation talk about important issues and take action against everything from climate change to littering and consumerism.

Activities in this step can spark ideas for solutions required for a more sustainable local community, country and world. Towards the end of the WCP Program, you can organize your own No Litter Day, to clean up your environment and share knowledge.  Be inspired by stories online and in the Globe, on what other children have done on their No Litter Day, and watch videos like the one below.
   Find facts and figures about Climate Change here and much more on the main No Litter generation section for children here.

No Litter Day

On 14 May 2021, or any day that week, children in your school and around the world organize their own No Litter Day. They show that they are part of a No Litter Generation, and collect litter in their communities. At the same time they share information about the right of all children to live in a clean and healthy environment, and the need to stop climate change.

Prepare with facts and stories about children, litter and its environmental impact around the world in The Globe and online.

Plan for an annual No Litter Day

To support a culture of no littering and environmental awareness in your school and community, take a decision to always organize an annual No Litter Day in the future.


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