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The Child Rights Heroes

Be inspired by and learn from the brave Child Rights Heroes, who have the chance to become the World’s Children’s Prize Decade Child Rights Hero.

The current nominated Child Rights Heroes have previously been awarded the World’s Children’s Prize 2011–2019. Children will learn all about the candidates, their organizations and the children they fight for, before voting for their favourite in the Global Vote.

Explore the challenges

The Child Rights Heroes deal with many issues, including children who:
  • are enslaved and forced to work in dangerous conditions;
  • are forced into marriage;
  • forced into commercial sexual exploitation;
  • aren’t allowed to go to school;
  • grow up in war and/or conflict;
  • are forced to become soldiers;
  • are mistreated because they have a disability, and/or are refugees.

The stories online and in The Globe build knowledge, engagement, and empathy. ©Johan Bjerke/WCPF

Action brings hope

Through the life stories of the Child Rights Heroes, learners will gain deeper knowledge about global issues and solutions that contribute to achieving the Global Goals, and promote respect for the Rights of the Child.
   The stories describe the Child Rights Heroes’ organizations, and how they work to find solutions to difficult problems facing children. Learning about these strategies for change can spark ideas for how learners can make a difference in their own lives and communities.

School children in Mozambique read stories about the Child Rights Heroes out loud. ©Johan Bjerke/WCPF

Learning activities

Learning activities in this step helps pupils to understand the reasons for and effects of problems, and possible solutions.
   Also explore if any of the challenges facing the Child Rights Heroes exist in your own community and country, and if any solutions are suitable locally.


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