Children in line holding signs
Girls' Equal Rights

This step is about girl’s equal rights. Be inspired by girls and boys who are fighting for equal rights for girls. Learn about the issues and how you can create change in your local communites and in your country.

All girls and boys share the same rights and should have opportunities to lead a decent life. The right to equality is stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which almost every country in the world has made a commitment to abide by. The government in your country has promised that it will respect the rights of the child. They have also agreed to try to reach the UN Global Goal 5, for Equality. But what’s the situation like for you at home, at your school and in your free time? Are girls’ rights respected where you live and in your country?
   The Convention includes rights that apply to you and every child. It is divided up into sections that are called ‘articles’. Article 2 states that no-one may be discriminated against (treated worse) just because they are a girl.


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