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The rights of the child in the world

Study facts and statistics about the situation for children in different countries. Experience other children’s reality through stories about children living in different places and under different circumstances.

Once learners understand the role that rights play in their own lives, they can look further afield. Explore differences and similarities between groups, countries and cultures, and try to understand the needs and rights of others.

Facts and figures

In How are the world’s children? (also in the Globe) you will find contains figures showing the situation for the world’s children in terms of health, housing, violence and the right to express themselves. Study the statistics and compare them with where you live and in your own country.

The WCP Child Jury consists of children from around 15 countries. They represent other children and child rights issues through their own life experiences, including falling victim to human trafficking or being forced to become soldiers.

Work with Stories

Online and in the Globe you will find hundreds of real-life stories about children, especially girls, whose rights are violated, as well as children and Child Rights Advocates fighting for their rights.


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