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The Global Goals

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a constant theme running through the WCP program, and are closely related to the Rights of the Child. If the goals are achieved, children’s lives are improved. If the goals are not fulfilled, it means that children are mistreated.

There are 17 Global Goals with many more sub goals, some of them relating directly to children.

Begin this step by stating some basic facts about the Global Goals (find more facts and stories here and in The Globe). The connection between The WCP Program and the Global Goals is especially clear in the following:

Universal Child Rights cannot be realized unless the goals are achieved. The Child Rights Heroes' efforts contribute to respect for the Rights of the Child and to the achievement of the goals.

Peace & Changemaker Generation, PC&G (p. 108–132 in The Globe) brings you to Southern Africa, where 100,000 children, a whole generation, are educated and empowered through the WCP Program with PC&G. You’ll learn about everything from wildlife crime (Goal 15) to girls’ equal rights (Goal 5), poverty (Goal 1) and climate change (Goal 13). Find stories, facts and videos here.

The Round the Globe Run for a Better World annual final of gives children the opportunity to share new knowledge acquired over the course of the WCP Program. They also make demands about what needs to be done to improve respect for Child Rights, and to achieve the Global Goals in time.

No Litter Generation brings up the causes and consequences of climate change (Goal 13), littering and pollution, such as dirty water (Goal 6), polluted cities (Goal 11) and plastic filling the oceans (Goal 14). More on No Litter Generation.


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