Girl with drum
The girl with the drum

When Arlette feels sad and misses her family, she usually plays the drum. She’s been play-ing since she was little, and now that she goes to FVS Amade’s boarding school far from home, she plays often.

“Every Saturday I go down to the chapel and play. It helps when I feel lonely. Things weren’t that easy at home. My dad disappeared five years ago and there are four of us children. That’s why mum joined the solidarity group, which helped me get into this school.

In the holidays, I’m reminded how tough it is at home, but I also think about how I’ve been given such a big opportunity here at the school. I can get grants and continue my studies at university. Then I can get a job and help my family.

When we were in eighth grade, we got to go on a class trip to Uganda. All the children there spoke English, but I’m really good at it. We were there for three weeks, we learned to cook and did business projects, like making soap or jam and selling it. I called my mum when we got home. I said that the trip had been really useful for me and that what I’d le-arned will help me in the future. ‘Mum, everything’s going to be fine, don’t worry,’ I said.”


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