Mariama’s feet
Mariama’s secret party clothes!

Mariama is interested in clothes and has a big wardrobe. Her favourite clothes are ones she has been given by her sisters and cousins for weddings and naming ceremonies. Mariama’s mother makes ankle decorations, which form part of the traditional wedding outfit. She has made matching ones for all the girls in the family. Mariama gets help to paint a traditional henna decoration on her hands and feet. It can stay on for up to three weeks.

The older people in the village don’t like it when the girls wear trousers and a short tunic. So when there are parties in the village, Mariama and her friends usually wear traditional clothes with trousers underneath. Once the older people have gone to bed, she takes off her skirt and continues dancing with her friends.

Mariama, 16:
Dream: To become a nurse.
Motto: Forgive your enemies and move on towards your dream
When I think about my dead father.
Proud of: Fighting to continue my schooling
Wants to stop:
Child marriage

Mariama in traditional clothes

Mariama has embroidered ‘Princess AK Jallow’ on her skirt.

Mariama in school uniform

Mariama is very careful with her school uniform, and always has a bath before she puts it on.


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