Former bonded slave boy Iqbal Masih in front of crowd.
The right to be free

No child should do any work that harms their health or prevents them from going to school.

In many parts of the world, children are forced to work hard, sometimes in harmful conditions. Some boys and girls are even trafficked and sold. Here you can explore resources about your right to be free from harmful work and modern-day slavery.


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children around the world, and their right to live in freedom.

Iqbal was murdered when he was twlve because he dared to stand up to people exploiting children.

Learn about the brave debt slave boy Iqbal Masih from Pakistan, in this graphic novel about his short life.

Video about children’s rights to be free

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children, Child Rights Ambassadors, and Child Rights Heroes fighting for children’s right to be free from harmful work and modern-day slavery. For example, watch a short film about children being forced to work in India, and people who are trying to stop child labour.

Child Rights Heroes

Many of the WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for the rights to protection. For example James Kofi Annan, Josepfina Condori, Kailash Sathyarthi, Inderjit Khurana, Iqbal Masih, Paul & Mercy Baskar, and James Aguer

A girl in Pakistan makes bricks instead of going to school.

Facts on the right to be free

Check out facts about children’s right to freedom from harmful work and modern-day slavery . Also check facts on topics such as commercial sexual exploitation of children, one of the worst forms of harmful work that children are forced to fo .

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons on children’s right to be free. Great for Child Rights ambassadors, teachers and young changemakers. Find them in the Classroom section. For example, use the Problem tree to figure out the root of the problem of child slavery.

Search pages

Use our search pages with specific keywords related to the right to be free from harmful work and modern-day slavery.


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