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Rights of the Child

Start your changemaker journey by studying children’s rights as expressed in the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child.

Let Bindu, 14, tell you about children's lives and challenges in Nepal, especially for girls.


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children around the world, and their lives filled with everything from going to school, playing and resting, to having their rights violated. For example, meet some of the jury children from Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal and other countries, and learn about children's rights through their life experiences.

Video about children’s rights

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch short films about children, Child Rights Ambassadors, and Child Rights Heroes fighting for children’s rights. For example, join Child Rights Ambassadors in South Africa as they visit children in a prison.

Find out about Nelson Mandela's fight for children's rights in a graphic novel.

Child Rights Heroes

All the WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for children's rights. They include people like Malala Youzafsai, Nelson Mandela, Asfaw Yemiru , Anna Mollel, Molly Melching, and Nkosi Johnson, Ann Skelton and Cindy Blackstock. For example, check out the graphic novel about Child Rights Hero Nelson Mandela fighting for equal rights for all children in South Africa.

With rights comes responsibilities!

Facts on children's rights

Check out facts about, for example, a simplified version of the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child. Also, check out an overview of how the world’s children are doing, and fact pages on child rights in different countries. In addition, find out how children’s rights are connected to the UN Global Goals.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Find guides for workshops and lessons on children’s rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the education section. For example, try out First encounter with Child Rights or the creative workshop A day in the life.

Search pages

Use our wider search page and search for specific keywords related to child rights:


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