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Right to protection

Children have the right to protection, but many still fall victims to violence and abuse, sometimes in their own home, or in war and conflict. Some are even forced to fight as soldiers in armed conflicts.

Explore resources about children’s right to protection.


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children worldwide and their right to protection from abuse, violence and war. For example, learn about former child soldiers on the WCP Jury, like Espoir from D.R. Congo, or former gang members and/or child soldiers in Colombia and the USA.

A boy makes his bed in his cell in California, USA. He is serving a long prison sentence for gang violence.

Video about children’s rights to education

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children, Child Rights Ambassadors, and Child Rights Heroes fighting for children’s right to protection. For example, watch the film about Gabriel Meíja Montoya in Colombia, who helps former child soldiers and gang members to reclaim their childhood.

Girls are especially vuylnerable in war and armed conflict. Faida, here with her little brother, was kidnapped by an armed group in D.R. Congo.

Child Rights Heroes

Many of the WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for the rights to protection. For example Murhabazi Namegabe, Gabriel Meíja Montoya, Kimmie Weeks , Guylande Mésadieu , Javier Stauring, Children's Peace Movement , and Indira Ranamagar.

Facts on the right to protection.

Check out facts about children in war and conflict and also fact pages on topics including Violence. In addition, check child rights facts in your country or somewhere else amongst the country fact pages.

Children from minority groups in Myanmar/Burma are targeted by the military government and often have to flee from grenades and air raids.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons on children’s right to protection.Find the in the Classroom section. For example: Children in conflict zones and A day in the life.

Use our search pages

Use our search pages and search for specific keywords related to the right to protection.


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