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WCP Program

You and all children are welcome to participate in the World’s Children’s Prize Program and become changemakers for children's rights!

The WCP program for children and schools empowers you to become a changemaker for the Rights of the Child, always with a special focus on girls’ equal rights. You can easily adapt its process and activities to what's needed and possible where you live. Explore resources for and about the Program below.

Children voting for their rights in Sweden!


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children around the world experiencing the WCP Program and making a difference. Look, for example, here for information on how it is done. Also, check out stories about children from around the world and all walks of life participating in the WCP Program. Look for children’s stories in your own country, or another place that you are interested in.

Child Right Ambassadors Kim and Hassan interviewed about the WCP Program in Zimbabwean news.

Video about the WCP Program

Experience the WCP Program through Kim and Hassan, Child Rights Ambassadors from Zimbabwe. In this 30-min film, they tell their story about the WCP Program. Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children and Child Rights Ambassadors organizing the WCP Program where they live. For example, check out films about the Global Vote in Zimbabwe and other films from Changemaker Days Zimbabwe, Ghana and Sweden.

Facts on the WCP Program.

Again, check out facts about the WCP Program from start to finish. Be inspired and get ideas for the different steps including Learning for change, and Preparing for Change. Also check out the facts on organizing a Changemaker Day with the activities Global Vote, Your Voice for Rights and Change and Round the Globe for rights and change.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons related to the WCP Program can be found in the school section. and in the pedagogical guide for Child Rights Ambassadors and teachers.

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