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All children have the right to go to a good school – compulsory school should be free for all.

Did you know that more children than ever before start school nowadays? Good news! However, many, especially girls, drop out too soon. Explore resources about children's right to education!

Shannen Koostachin was a First Nations girl who fought for good schools for all children in Canada.


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children’s right to education and what happens when these rights are violated. For example, learn about indigenous children in Canada are denied good schools, and how other children’s schools are destroyed by everything from grenades to climate change, in these stories about are Bangladesh and are Nepal.

Video about children’s rights to education

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children, Child Rights Ambassadors, and Child Rights Heroes fighting for children’s right to education. For example about former Child Juror Emelda from Mozambique as she started her own school. Or how Blessing, 15, had to quit school because of poverty in Zimbabwe.

In India, Child Rights Hero Inderjit Khurana opened schools on train platforms for children living and working there.

Child Rights Heroes

Many of the WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for children's right to go to school. For example Malala Youzafsai, Mohammed Rezwan, Agnes Stevens, Asfaw Yemiru, John Wood, Manuel Rodriguez, Inderjit Khurana, Jetsun Pema and Sakeena Yacobi

Girls in Haiti support each other in the classroom.

Facts on the right to education.

Check out facts about children’s right to education and also facts on the right to education in your country or region in the country fact pages.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons on children’s right to education. Great for Child Rights ambassadors, teachers, and young changemakers. Find them in the Classroom section. For example, School or wedding and Children’s rights and the Global Goals.

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