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Explore: Caring for Earth

Children’s rights suffer when Earth, nature and animals are harmed. Explore resources about caring for Earth and our future.

When Earth heats up, drought increases and water becomes scarce.


Discover stories on the WCP web and in past issues of the Globe Magazine, about children and how their rights are impacted by a changing climate and other threats to the environment. Find stories about children growing up near a national park in southern Africa, and how their lives are affected by environmental degradation in the section about children’s rights, wildlife and nature. In addition, learn about children in Pakistan, and in Zimbabwe affected by climate change, and what they try to do about it. Many more stories are gathered here:

Children weighing litter collected while informing everybody around them about the importance of caring for the planet and children's rights.

Videos about Caring for Earth

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children involved in climate action, such as organizing their own No Litter Day. Also watch this great film about how littering can harm nature, animals, and children.

A Child Rights Hero in Vietnam has built a fruit and vegetable garden together with the children she supports.

Child Rights Heroes caring for Earth

Many WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for children's rights in relation to climate change and the environment, and integrate respect for nature in their work. For example: Thích Nu Minh Tú, Mohammed Rezwan, Ashok Dyalchand,Gabriel Meíja Montoya, Cindy Blackstock, and Bunker Roy, Jetsun Pema and Indira Ranamagar

When animals and sea creatures swallow plastic litter, it does not only harm them. Eventually, the plastic may end up in the belly of a child!

Facts on caring for Earth.

Check out ideas about organizing your own No Litter Day and also fact pages on specific topics related to this including Climate Change, what will happen if we don't act now, and what hope there still is if we do.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons on how children and others can care for Earth. Find them in the Classroom section. For example, try Changing your ways, or Looking at lifestyles.

Use our search pages

Use our search pages and search for specific keywords related to children's rights, climate, and nature:


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