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Changemaker Mission

Changemaker Mission is about you strengthening the respect for children's rights in your families, villages or towns and country.

Once you have learned about your rights, you can contribute to change in many ways, together with friends and on your own. This can be everything from small, everyday actions to bringing ideas to local leaders, even to the government of your country! Here you can explore resources about how you can make a difference!


The WCP website. and the Globe Magazine are filled with stories about children around the world setting out to make a change for children’s rights where they live, through their own Changemaker Mission. For example, learn about Peace and Changemaker Generation Ambassadors making change where they live, and about children fighting for equal rights for girls. And of course, meet Child Rights Ambassadors from around the world.

Video about Changemaker Mission

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about children and Child Rights Ambassadors on a Changemaker Mission where they live. For example, watch Child Rights Ambassadors Kim and Hassan as they engage with the WCP Program (30 min). Also watch, for example, Child Rights Ambassadors do their thing in Myanmar/Burma, Cameroun or Mozambique!

Facts on the Changemaker Mission.

Check out facts about the Changemaker Mission. Also check out the latest pedagogical guide for teachers and Child Rights Ambassadors, packed with ideas and support.

Many WCP Child Rughts Heroes, like Malala, started fighting for change when they were children themselves.

Child Rights Heroes as role models

Be inspired by Child Rights Heroes, not least those who started fighting for children's rights at a young age. For example Malala Youzafsai, Nkosi Johnson, Sompop Jantraka, Anne Frank, Emani Davis, Hector Pieterson, AOCM, Craig Kielburger, Iqbal Masih, Asfaw Yemiru and Kimmie Weeks

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons on how to go about the Changemaker Mission. Great for Child Rights Ambassadors, teachers and young changemakers. Find more in the Classroom section. For example, check out the lesson plan about being a changemaker.

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