Pojkar håller i skylt.
Girls' equal rights

Do girls and boys in your family and community have equal rights and the same opportunities?

All children have the same rights! But are girls' rights respected where you live and in your country? Explore resources about girls' equal rights.

Girls in Benin standing up for their rights.


The WCP web and past issues of the Globe Magazine the are filled with stories about girls around the world, and about girls and boys fighting for their rights.

Most of the stories about girl's rights are gathered on the Girls' Equal Rights page. You will find everything from video and real-life stories, to and facts.

Child Rights Ambassadors on their way to empower children in a rural village with knowledge on girls' equal rights!

Video about girls' rights

Go to the video page and scroll down to watch videos about girls' lives around the world. For example, about Child Rights Heroes and Child Rights Ambassadors fighting for girls's rights, such as these children in Cameroon, and in Mozambique.

Girl in Bangladesh doing homework in the evening thanks to a solar powered lamp.

Child Rights Heroes

Many of the WCP Child Rights Heroes fight for the rights of girls. For example Malala Youzafsai, Mohammed Rezwan, Ashok Dyalchand, Cecilia Flores-Oebanda, Molly Melching, and Anuradha Koirala, Rachel Lloyd and Sakeena Yacobi

Teenage mothers taking part in a training on children's rights in Mozambique, led by young Child Rights Ambassadors.

Facts on girls' rights

Check out facts about girl's rights and also fact pages on specific topics including child marriage, violence, and commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Lesson plans/workshop guides

Guides for workshops and lessons: teachers and young leaders can find everything from workshop guides to lesson plans in the Classroom section. For example: Girls rights under attack or If I were a Child Rights Ambassador.

Use our search pages

You can also use our wider search page and search for specific key words related to girls' rights:


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