Dunga mothers
Dunga Mothers

The Dunga Mothers received the World's Children's Prize 2005 for their unpaid and difficult struggle to help children living in the villages around Kisumu in Kenya who have lost their parents to AIDS.

These are children who could otherwise end up living on the streets facing a life of drugs, violence, crime and prostitution.

The Dunga mothers (formerly known as Mothers of St Rita) fight for the rights of orphaned children and for them to have the same opportunities in life as other children. Despite the fact that most of the mothers are themselves very poor, they provide 70 orphaned children with food, clothes, medicine, schooling, a home, new families and love.

Learn more about the Dunga Mothers in the Globe Magazine from 2006

Text: Andreas Lönn
Photos: Paul Blomgren

The facts and figures on this page were accurate at the time of writing, in 2006

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