Jury Member Hamodi
Hamoodi, Palestine

Hamoodi represented children in conflict areas, children living under occupation and children participating in dialogue for peace. Now he is an Honorary Adult Friend.

This was how Hamoodi’s story was told when he was on the jury:

Hamoodi grew up in a poor village south of Hebron on the West Bank, an area that is occupied by Israel.

“One night, Israeli soldiers came to our village in tanks. They gave orders through a loudspeaker, telling everyone to switch their lights on. They shot in all directions, and three people were killed.”

When he was five years old and heard that a little boy had been killed, Hamoodi said, “I want a gun!” But now he takes part in dialogue for peace. He has Jewish friends, and plays football with them several times a month in Israel, when it is possible.

“I like playing football, but we don’t have a pitch in our village. We usually play on a field further away, but when the Israeli soldiers come to arrest someone, they drive us away. They take away all the fun things,” says Hamoodi.

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