Jury member Jhonn Nara
Jhonn Nara, Brazil

Jhonn Nara represents children who belong to indigenous groups and fight for their rights, as well as children whose rights are violated by abuse, discrimination and environmental degradation.

Jhon Nara was born in Amazonas in Brazil. She is one of the youngest leaders of the Guarani indigenous people. They used to live deep in the rainforest, but now the rainforest has been cut down and replaced with large-scale cattle ranches and industries that pollute the environment with toxic chemicals and contaminated water. 

Jhon Nara and a friend prepare for a protest, fighting for their rights and for the protection of the rainforests. © Private

Jhon Nara and her people have been chased away from their villages. Now they are living in cramped roadside camps, where they can neither fish nor hunt. The frustration of poverty drives the adults to drink alcohol, take drugs and fight. Jhon Nara herself has been abused by a violent stepfather. 

When she was 10 years old, 40 masked men came to her village and shot her grandfather, one of the leaders of her people.

“When we protest against this injustice, we are threatened, abused and killed. They want to eradicate us, but we will never give up,” says Jhon Nara.

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