Eunilda portrait with blue background
Eunilda, Mozambique

Represents children who have been subjected to abuse by a relative and threatened to keep them silent.

Eunilda’s problems started when her parents split up and her mum had to go abroad to find work.
   “Me, my brother and sister had to live with our grandparents and mum sent home money and clothes, but we never got any of it. My grandma gave it all to our cousins instead.”

In the end, Eunilda and her two siblings moved to their dad’s parents and hoped things would be better there. At first everything was good. Eunilda got food, clothes and started school. But when she was nine, something happened that changed everything. Every time Eunilda was at home alone, an older relative came over and abused her. She didn’t tell anyone because the man threatened to kill her if she didn’t keep quiet. It was a long time before she finally dared to ask for help to stop the abuse.

The Child Jury standing together outside

Eunilda (far left) with her friends on the jury in Sweden in 2018.

Eunilda is now a proud WCP Child Rights Ambassador who fights so that other children never have to experience what she did. She has also protested against teachers being allowed to hit children, and against child marriage.
   “Lots of girls think life will be better for them if they marry early, but it’s actually worse because child marriage kills their dreams. Every girl needs to know this. I talk about my good and bad experiences to encourage others to join the fight for their rights and for other children’s rights.”

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